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Summer It List

Summer is only just beginning, but I'm feeling the banana leaf prints and pool side vibes this season. I'm not doing much this summer not like last summer, I'm having a stay cation if you will. I'm channeling a relaxing tropical vacation mindset. I'll be hosting bbq's and pool partys and sharing the decorating ideas. I'll be making new chiffon dresses and summer gowns. I've made a few garments from my portfolio class project that are very summer vibe and feature one of the few Its of this edition of the summer it list! I hope sharing my summer favorites inspires a fun and tropical summer for you!

Lets jump in! The It summer dress (for me anyways!) is a cute chiffon sun dress with a summer inspired print on it! I may not be in the tropics doesn't mean I cant dress as If I were. Dress made by me.

Beets! I'm calling beets the It summer food! Omg I had a garden fresh beet in a goat cheese, mint, olive oil and balsamic salad and now I'm obsessed! Not to mention how insanely good they are for you! Ill be serving this one on the fourth!

Clarity By Kim Petras. Kim Petras's new album Clarity is the summer it album. Her classic pop style and catchy lyrics. Its got the summer jam Personal Hell. I loved Kim's music and style.

Tropical Theme, I feel like this one is cliche' summer but It has the summer feels I have been really into. I have been buying party supplies in the tropical theme to use for gatherings this season. Pink and gold!

Thats about it for my summer list of favorITs. I hope this adds to your summer mood!

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