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The Back to School Guide

Last year was a huge test to all parent globally on how well you could be a co educator for your child during a global pandemic. This year my kid is going back to school! That child needs it and honestly so do my husband and myself.

I am excited excited get that kid back in a learning and social environment. Of course I want him to go in style. I thought I'd share what I'm doing to prepare my child to go back to school in a slightly different world then we are use to.

Cleanliness Kit

The biggest change to going to school is the fact that there is still very much a raging pandemic going on that we have to learn to live around. Since children under 12 are still unelidable to get the vaccine, we have to provide as much protection to our child as possible.

Along side the pencil case will be another smaller zipper bag just for hand sanitizer, extra masks, and travel sanitizing hand wipes that are cute of course! Hopefully this along with other precautions will help to continue stopping the spread.


My kid's current fandom is Super Mario. The kid has almost all the plushys, toys, games, and everything else Mario themed. To get him excited about going back to school we will be gearing his backpack up in Mario themed or at least themed looking supplies. Mario backpack, pencils case, note book, and lunch pail. Reminds me of fourth grade when I got everything Lisa Frank and felt so cool, just to loose everything by the next day. Tears.

For the things that are not Mario themed I can get away with getting at the dollar store and Target.


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