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Things I'm Loving This May

It really feels like 2021 is hitting me with a sledge hammer of reality upside my head. Reality's that have me on edge with fear and anxiety. I'm finding it harder and harder as we come up on week 5 of school and soon to be graduating, that my future is unsettling uncertain. So what do we do in these circumstances of uncertainty? I turn to the things that bring me even the smallest amount of joy. Here is this months things I'm loving list.

Elf Tinted Lip Oil

My family and I have unfortunately contracted the insidious covid virus. (My worst fear) I'm feeling fine for the most part aside from some major fatigue. My husband has not been so lucky. I have been taking care of him this past week and taking care of my child all while making sure to take care of the house as well. After picking my husband up from the hospital yesterday, I treated myself to some new lip gloss, ELf tinted lip oil to be specific. I can not stop putting this stuff on my lips. Its so silky and the color is vibrant. Highly recommend for a self care pick me up!

Kitt Messenger Crossbody Bag

I am so lost with two months to go till graduation I'm so lost and depressed. I have been manically taking care of my husband who is still sick and my son who is still doing at home learning. So when sent me a VIP 30% off offer email, I scrambled and jumped at the opportunity to snag myself a little something something. I chose a sweet little messenger bag and a matching pair of shoes. I may mentally feel unstable that doesn't have to reflect in my accessories. Just because the internet may say you look even poorer when you buy things like this when you are in fact poor, but when you have little else going for you I believe there is nothing wrong in a little pick me up especially if its on sale. I don't have eat, I just have to make sure my son does.


Being a U.S citizen, a women of color, I'm half black, and seeing the destruction of democracy, voting rights, mass shootings on daily bases, and explosion of misinformation and white supremacy has made me want to do more in an activism manner. I encourage you to get pissed and fight for human( that rights for people of color, gays, trans, mothers, children and women) rights, universal health care, gun reform, and the elimination of corporate tax cuts and bail outs and the elimination of fox news and the GOP career politians in both party! Its not fucking cancel culture its consequence culture and its beyond time! Contact your Republican lawmakers and demand they stop with the big lie and actually fight for workers rights instead of focusing on limiting the rights of the many to line the pockets of few who are already wealth mongers. Join a local activist movement or start one of your own and lets make an actual difference before our child inherit an affordable burning planet.


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