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Things I'm Loving This April

Spring is in bloom. The garden is bursting with new veggies and the strawberry's are taking shape. I am trying to find happiness in the simple things in life and here is this months list of things I'm loving.

Ritual Incense By KillStar

I have fallen in love with this incenses from KillStar it fills the house with a sweet smell and calming vibes.

Oat-Milk Creamer

My goodness this stuff is AMAZING. I use it in my coffee, with my black tea, and in my cereal. I love this stuff!!

French Magazine

Inspiring fashion spreads and editorials. The articles are in French, its an amazing spring read on sunny day while on a picnic!

Madam Adam on Tik-Tok

Yes, I have fallen back into tik-tok. It was inevitable, since vine no longer exists and Instagram is way to hard to navigate now, tik-tok is the logical people tv social media what-have you. Any ways, Madam Adam does live collective tarot readings every mondays, wendsay and fridays. Its the kick in the pants tarot reader that will not sugar coat it for you. He is a delight to watch, highly recommended following!

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