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Things I'm Loving This March and some Things From February

2024 is trucking along. Valentines day or for us Halloween enthusiast Valoween came and went. I cant believe we are already in March! I had a birthday and took the family on a little weekend get away to celebrate. We are also coming up on our one year anniversary of living in our home! Things in the house have been busy, my husband and I started a new brand and so much of my time and energy has gone to working on that.

January I was only able to make one post and February fell by the waist side and I didn't make any posts at all. However I am trying my best to do better and get back to posting regularly this month and for the rest of the year! We will see how it goes. But as always here is this month and last months love it list!

Manifestation Magic by Elhoim Leafar

I have been reading this book for a few weeks now and I find it to be a very stimulating. Great exercises to try for manifestation. Or if anything to get in a better mind set about working on your goals.

Black Truffle Cheese

This cheese is so good, smells so strongly of truffles but definite recommend.

Coffin Shaped Tote Bag By Noir Star Emporium

I am obsessed with this tote bag! I love the print, the shape and it holds a surprising amount of stuff inside of it! You can find it on

Moonology Oracle Cards By Yasmin Boland

I love the moonolgy oracle card series and so far have all of them. This is the newest deck to the collection.

Baphomet Waist Belt by Kreepsvill 666

I have been wearing the same three belts for a few years now. I felt it was time to add to the collection. I just recently got this baphomet belt from Kreepsvill 666 on amazon. So far love it and can't wait to style some outfits with it for spring and summer.

Bayberry Incense and Essential Oil

Me and the little fam took a weekend trip to Woodstock Vermont for my birthday. We stayed in one of the nicest little hotels I think I've ever been in. We had a private back door that led to the river and a beautiful view at that. While there was popped into just about every shop on the main street and while in the general store I found this sweet smelling incense and had the get the essential oil too!

Fancy Match Sticks

This is another cute find from our short time in Woodstock from one of those cute little store we just had to support! I haven't use them yet, but I think they may be to pretty to use!


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