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Fashion Trends I'm Loving In the New Year

Each year fashion trends come and go. Last year it seemed like Y2K fashion was taking over all fashion trends across the board. For me there are fashion trends that will stay with me for ever gothic styles, punk styles and sequence everything. However I am seeing a very few new trends that I feel I can get on the band wagon or have already been on the band wagon but they seem to be popularizing again.

The Grandma Sweater

This trend usually means a chunky, knit sweater. I might have taken this on a bit literally and wear the sweaters that my grandmother use to wear on a regular basis. She past in 2019 and I wear her sweaters because I cant really afford the sweater or cardigans I would really like, brand names, but its also my way of keeping my grandmother close to me, she was stylist and loved shopping with me. Never mind thrifting I'm for the grandma sweater hand me down! Its better for the planet too!

Matching Your Mask To Your Outfit

These last few years have been so hard and so different. Life really may never be as it was post pandemic. I'm ok with that. I don't want to catch your cold because you have no choice but to come to work sick. I will not support companies that continue this degrading practice. I hope you feel the same way. However there are some people out in the world who feel its their "freedom" to go out sick and infect people. No Thank You! I will keep wearing masks and I will continue to match those masks to my outfits.

Matchy Matchy

For me this is a trend that will never get old or out of style. Matching prints, matching two pieces, matching your handbag and shoes. I'm here for it!

Gaudy Earrings

I have always been a fan of gaudy costume jewelry. For me gaudy jewelry will always been in fashion no matter what trends in fashion are happening.


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