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Petty Xmas Gift Ideas

My roommate recently broke one of my favorite mugs she says on accident but the circumstances are suspicious. I think its foul play and was done on purpose for petty reasons. So although I was pissed at first ( it was a collectable hello kitty Halloween mug that is currently worth more now then when I bought it) I have calmed down, it is just a mug after all.

But her petty action got me thinking of petty revenged, but frankly the best revenge is non at all, making the other person feel stupid for what they have done. However it did get me thinking of petty xmas gifts I could give. Here is a list of some of the best ideas I could come up. Give at your own risk.

A Gift Card With 12cents On It

I saw this idea on Charlette Dobre petty revenge reaction video. I thought this was such a great petty gift idea that it made the top of my petty gift list.

A Toaster Shaped Bath Bomb

This idea came to me via facebook, my husband was scrolling and saw the toaster bath bomb. I though damn now that's a great petty gift idea for someone you cant stand and want to send a not so sudel massage too.

A Bag Of Dicks

This idea is an old one, usually perfect for people who you really wish to tell to go eat a bag dicks to and why not make it a stocking stuffer of the petty kind.


Saw this gift idea a long time ago. Advertised for those who have everything as the perfect gift. Also perfect for the person who you cant stand to get anything for in the first place but want to express it in the form of packaging.


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