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Vegas Vacation

I have this habit of creating mini collections for myself whenever I travel. It started after I taught myself to sew clothing over 7 years ago. Now that Im in school for making clothes, I can make structurally sound clothing that I get excited about. My designs are not Moschino quality or Cowan standards but Im figuring it out as I go.

I can never seem to design to far out of my gothic and dark tendencies but lately the 2019 runways have been cray influential on my design.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go to Vegas to celebrate my amazing Aunties birth day. This post is quit late since we went in June. But I love the cruise wear inspired outfits I made for the special occasion. I usually dont wear hats but I decided big hats looks pretty decent on me. I had my son help me decorate it. I felt palm frowns and other tropical floral motifs were the perfect prints for this time of year, the beginning of summer.

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