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Why I Make All My Own Clothes

I have been making my own clothing for well over 8 years now. For me I always wanted things I couldn't have, frankly I still do but I'm grown enough to know that I cant always have the things I want. Mainly millions of dollars, universal health care, the ability to pay for school outright, private art school for my son, an intelligent president not hell bend on world destruction, a job with Moschino, designer clothes, shoes, handbags and a big house that my husband and myself can decorate to our whims and friends to share it with.

Yet here I am a 33 year old wife and mother living in my grandmother house, living with my cousin and trying to figure out how the hell to get out this particular situation. Don't get me wrong I'm more then grateful to have a roof over my head, a loving family and the opportunity to go to school.

Really the only thing that keeps me from either losing my mind or doing something destructive to myself is my ability to make clothes I love. Clothes that make me feel like I already have all those things I want. The other reason I make my own clothes is because I have no respect for fast fashion and the deplorable conditions in which they are made. Plus really who wants to be seen wearing the same clothes as someone else.

I make my own clothes for many many reasons. But overall its more sustainable and frankly more fun to create my own finery. Recently I created this hauler and mini skirt with rhinestone embellishments. I think I might wear this one to DragCon next month.

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