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Manifest Party

Putting the anxiety in Party. Saturday I finally had an opportunity to go to one of Jesse Jea Joplin's Manifest Partys. It was cute, Jacked Fashion, DabbedKitty, Lazer Kitten and Macy Daisy were all vendors. Aside from a few uncomfortable human interactions, it was a cute party. We didnt stay very late and missed the performance from Luna Lovebad.

My anxiety has been an uphill battle these past few years. Im trying to ease out of it but I realize this will take time. I was hoping I could be less anxious and just enjoy this rad party. But anxiety got the best of me. My husband is lost for how to help me except to take himself out of it. For now Im going to not worry about forcing myself to be social and just focus on school, my family and making clothing!

I made my outfit just for this party and my husband had a shirt printed with his art! I'm so proud of him!

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