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Things I'm Loving This January

Its hard to believe its already 2024. I feel like 2023 just flew by. Our first xmas in the house was a quite but a fun one. The kids got gifts they are still enjoying and I got just what I asked for, coach perfume. Now that the holiday season is over things have calmed down.

Here is this months list of things that are keeping me going.

Season Of the Witch Oracle Deck

I love a good oracle deck. I have seen the season of the witch oracle deck before and decided to go ahead an get myself a deck. The cards are beautifully done.

2024 Planner for a Magical Year

I love these planner and I get one every year. I usually get the coloring book version but I have been enjoying the full color version of this planner.

Mini Fridge

Our daughter has been needing bottles in the middle of the night and to cut down on our travels downstairs to the fridge and to add to our sleep time we invested in a mini fridge. I actually purchased this skin care fridge from amazon.


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