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Things I'm Loving This November

November has just been speeding along, I cant belive we already had Thanksgiving. December is already right around the corner and sadly we jumped on the blackfriday bandwagon and bought the kids xmas gifts. It does take a weight off though.

This month has flown by I barely had a chance to make any decent blog posts, but like most months I gathered my favorite things making this month specail to comprise my loving it list for November.

Sparkling Cider

Since moving to Upstate New York we have been sampling quite a bit of the local beers and ciders. For fall sparkling ciders just feel right!

Charlie Brown Its The Great Pumpkin Music

Feeling the fall vibes all this and last month with music from Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Its ThanksGiving Charlie Brown both amazing sound trakes that take me back to my youth.

Candelabra Throw Pillow

My husband and I decided a long time ago to start a brand but it never manifested untill recently. is our little experiment ( if you will) with blending togther my husbands art amd my fashion and passion for home decor. Together we created our signature candelabra throw pillow. Im obessed! Perfect for any gothy or dark academia home decor enthuseist.

Doc Martins

Since the snowy season is coming upon us I have been wanting a quality shoe for such occosions. Doc Martins have always been so cool in my book that when I saw these shiney black duds for sale I though, "yes, exacelly." Plus they match pretty much everything!


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