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Witchy Gift Ideas

More and more people are loving witchy gifts for xmas or rather yule. Last year I compiled a list of simple but reasonably priced witchy gift ideas and I figured why not do another list for this year! These gift ideas are perfect for beginner, expects or those still in the broom closet!


Witchy books are always a great gift for those in the craft. These were found at Five Below and at your local book store.

Custom Teas

If the person on your gift list is into tea reading or rituals the involve tea these custom teas are perfect. Found at


These KillStar incense scents are lovely and perfect for your rituals.

Manifestation Journals

These manifestation journals can be found at Five Below and are the perfect gift for those trying to manifest the perfect future.

Kitchen Witch Cards

The Kitchen Magick cards are a fun gift for the kitchen witch in your life found at any book store.


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