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78 Days Till Halloween

Summer is coming to an end slowly here in socal. I am counting the days till Halloween. The craft stores have already begun to put out there Halloween booty and I cant wait till payday to start stocking up on Halloween goodies. Till then I thought I'd share last Halloweens Haunted House party decorations.

Of course I have got most of my ideas from pintrest. Check out my haunted house ideas board here. I have been saving haunted house ideas for over 5 years so I was excited to finally get to use those ideas to create a haunted house party last year. Sadly I didn't get any good photos of the outside of the house but all the inside decoration were perfectly creepy!

Holiday wreaths are becoming one of my favorite decorations to create. This year I will be making a bigger halloween wreath to put on the front door, last year I made this little wreath but it worked out and was super creepy cute. Between my cousin and myself last year we accumulated quite the collection of haunted house decorations. The theme for our party was attack of the Pumpkin monsters. My husband made a paper mushae, pvc pipes monster and we use some old clothes to create the pumpkin monster to put out to creep out guests, it was hit till it fell down and had to sit out for the rest of the party. We had a pretty creepy cute haunted house party while really only getting the spectacular decor from the dollars stores.

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