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Things I'm Loving this April: The List

Is it truly two weeks into April already? Thanks to the California lock down it seems almost as though time is standing still. The world is on pause while we the people are still heading forward in place. Usually by this time in April I would have already started the spring quarter of college. Yet under the circumstances the school has had to push back the start of the quarter to switch all campus classes to online classes. I cant say I'm at all excited to start a class I have already dropped online once. Either way while staying at home there are a few things I'm loving this month (mainly in a trying to keep sane and productive way).

5. Posture Corrector:

My husband and I just got this one off of amazon. We both are slouchers and figure now is the best time as ever to work on our posture.

4. Sip Puff Pass Mug:

For my birthday this last March my sister gifted me this mug with a pipe built into the handle. Gotta say this is great for this lock down situation, morning coffee and morning bowl wrapped into one. You can get one off of amazon.


I'm no neat freak, not that I don't strive to be. When do I have time to be a neat freak? I clean all the time but as for organizing or re-organizing I have to wait for the break at the end the quarter, and then I only have two weeks to figure out the priority projects to work on before school starts up again. However I love to organize and re-organize my crafting area, my sons toys, and his room and my room. I don't always get to do it in one break but it will get done at least a couple times a year. With the "lock-down" I'm able to get more done in my organizing and I love it! Its the little things in life to be thankful for that put a smile on our face. Especially during these new and confusing times.

2. Mask Making:

Checking the news during this time is anxiety inducing. Wearing a mask when going out is in or out, but lately the experts in the medical fields are suggesting for the general public to wear masks when going out. Since I'm a seamstress and have loads of time, I have taken to making masks for my family and those in need. If you can its a perfect way to help out the community, take up some time and feel like your helping to combat this virus that has impacted all of our lives.

1. Beer and Wine:

This one is probably no the best but it definitely takes the edge off. I'm not saying go crazy. Just if the news is becoming to much, sips A glass of wine or pop open a brew, watch some Cheers on Netflix or CBS (Not Really) All Access and go to a place were no one else seems to every leave.

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