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Date Night in Santa Monica

There is so much to do in SoCal for a grate date night. My husband surprised me with a fabulous night on the town in Santa Monica. We usually stay away from Santa Monica or those beach cities because parking is so terrible, but we braved the parking found not one but two parking garbage's near where we were going that weren't outrageously priced. We had a wonderful dinner at the Misfits bar on Santa Monica Blvd., and attended a magic show at the Santa Monica play house, highly recommend for valentines night.

I had made my husband a leopard print sports coat for Yule and this was the perfect outing to wear it. I made myself a lovely black dress, with pearl embellished straps and a coreset lacing back. We were by far the best dressed couple out that night! I have been hearing more and more about dopamine dressing, which is usually in reference to dressing in bright, feel good colors and outfits. In the current world we live in, and with the amount of stress my little family is under I have found my own iteration of dopamine dressing to make me feel just the slightest bit better about myself and my life.

Misfit Bar Selfie

Santa Monica Play House


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