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Things I'm Loving This December

I cant believe its already December. I missed posting the last three months because our new addition is taking up all our time and energy. In September we welcomed our second child, a girl. Since she got home she has become the center of my universe. Her sweet smiles and giggles have made it all worth while though.

It has been long nights, hard days but things are finally starting to calm down with frequent day naps and a few moments to do some things for myself. Not much though.

As I have mentioned in blog posts before my living situation hasn't been the best living with an unagreeable roommate. Things are very bad here, but my husband and I have decided we simply cannot take living with her and like this any longer. So we are making plans to move. Hopeful, by next spring, we will be enjoying a home all our own and I will be back to making fashion and lifestyle blogs on a regular basis again! With the possibility of moving in our near future my husband and I are cooling our spending. So my love it blogs will be more focused on things I can do rather then things I buy. Or maybe both we will see.

So this months post will not be as full as my posts usually are but here is this months lists of things I'm loving. This list will encompass things from October and November.

Palmastry Mug

I love a good mug. My killstar cauldron mug is starting to chip paint so I felt the need to get a new mug. This one was purchased at TJ Maxx during the start of spooky season. Its nice and large. I love the detail in the artwork. It also came with a keychain.

Making Cookies

Since the youngest arrived the oldest child has been feeling a bit ignored. I feel bad since I have been spending all my time caring for the new addition. So to make up it up to my eldest we have been making cookies together. He enjoys it, we use cookie cutters, bake and then decorate the cookies to enjoy later. Perfect mother son quality time.

Friends, Lovers and The Big Terrible Thing

By Mathew Perry

I have also said that my husband is Chandler and I am Monica from friends. My husband is sarcastic and funny and I am neurotic and love to clean. Friends is one of those shows that we have watched and rewatched a thousand times. I also love the Whole Nine and Tens Yards. However it wasn't until Mathew Perry was a guest on The Tonight Show that it was brought up about his life and his addictions. We all new something was up during Friends. His book is a captivating read!


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