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Things I'm Loving This June

As quickly as spring sprung now we are running full speed into summer. I'm excited about experiencing my first summer on the east coast. Here is this months list of things I'm loving this summer.

Mornings and Evenings on the Porch

Having a home of my own has afforded me a few creature comforts my family and I are happy to being to enjoy this summer such as spending summer mornings and evenings having a cup of coffee or beer on the porch.


I love a good harness and I have seen a lot of cute looks with this leather harness. I had to get one!

BlueBerry Cobbler Coffee

I love a flavored coffee and this BlueBerry Cobbler flavored coffee hits the spot. The flavor isn't to strong, it tastes so good with oat milk creamer. I feeling the blue berry cobbler coffee summer.


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