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A Gryffindors Guide to Hogsmead: Universal Studios Hollywood

Summer for me the last few years has been relatively uneventful. However this summer is already off to a good start. I had a little mountain vaca with the family, then spent some time at universal studios. I haven't been to Universal Studios since I was just out of high school. I was excited to go and especially excited for the Harry Potter part of the park.

I have read all the books, seen all the movies. I even have a deathly hallows tattoo. Yet who doesn't! I love Harry Potter, I love cos-play and of course had to dress accordingly to go to the park. Using pinterest I came up with a simple but impactful version of the Hogwarts uniform. A pleated gray skirt and ribbed shirt with a Gryffindor patch from amazon. It was actually a fairly tame costume then I wanted but it did the job!

Since we stared planning our Universal visit I thought it best to get a mini backpack to take. I found this Karl Lagerfield bag at off sacks. It worked perfectly!

Since I haven't been Universal for a long while I wasn't sure what to expect out of Hogshead. It was more fun then I can keep talking about with out getting annoying. However I will say that it was magical. I got to experience Olivanders and got another elder wand. I collect elder wands, its my thing.

But going to universal I did spend time outside Hogsmead. Since we got multiple day passes, and we had a small human to negotiate, we found a way to conquer the park effectively!

1. Get to the Park When they open.

2. Ride the Hogsmead rides before the lower park opens.

3. Go to the lower park once it opens.

4. Hit up Olivanders before lunch!

5. Have lunch on the city walk!

6. Let the kid play at any of the play grounds

7. Have a beer at Luigis Pizza

That's my list for now! If you go to the park I hope you have as much as I did!

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