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Glitter Makes Life Better

I am a tad bi-polar, sometimes I feel like when I bring it up people just get like ugh not this again. Then again I often feel bad about just about everything. My anxiety is often on high. Do what I can to be content and that can be to much. I bring up things I dread bringing up and then wonder if Im a horrible person. The cycle is long and exhausting.

So far those times I just need to feel content, I make something Im proud of and then play dress up. Lucky I got to play dress up with some of the coolest ladys I know. My sister has been making her own clothing lately and for her birth day we both harnessed glitter madness!

Glitter really does make a girl free better.

I made my dresses, they both have lining and hand sewn details. I also made the glitter and velvet burn out bomber jacket.

My sister made her crop top and skirt!

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