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Wow, Its Been A Minute

Wow, I realized its been a long time since I lost blogged and a lot has happened! It seems the last time I posed was around September of last year. Since then I have been hyper focused on school, which has been kicking my ass. I am making it through and discovering more and more of self struggles I have to overcome along with the academic ones. Family life has been hectic and sometimes draining, so blogging has definitely been on the back burner. But so much awesome stuff has also happened that I realized I need to get back to documenting the rad stuff that's been going on my blog as a reminder that life doesn't always suck. Although I do still struggle with depression, and anxiety, I find blogging to be a hobby that helps me express my creativity and documents my existence on this planet. I am not a celebrity or influencer or celebrity designer but I do exist and I do have dreams of becoming a celebrity designer and actress.

So since last September, I had been to Vegas once more to celebrate my husbands birthday. We ate at Hells Kitcken which is becoming our go to spot for birthday lunches. The food is delicious, they have selections for vegetarians, vegans and carnivores. My husband and I decided to try another of Gordon Ramsay restaurant, Stake at the Paris. I dont eat meat but even I was impressed by their meat presentation. We stayed at the Cosmo, which is pretty hipster. Our room had a tub with a view and a Japaneses sex book in the bedside table drawer. I also made my complete wardrobe for the trip, The hot Pink and feathered dress was inspired by Christian Cowan and Kim Petras,

Thanksgiving and xmas were a bit of a struggle. I got sick and my so did most of the family. However I did have a few days of not terribly sick, I was able to attended my husbands work xmas party. Dress, faux fur jacket and hair piece made by me.

The new year was welcomed uneventfully. I did manage to make a dress pleather sweat heart strapless dress that wore to drag night. The show was Ariel Versace and Soju, apsolutly amazing. Thiw was of courese before I found out theyy were both on drag race! Loved them both! There is always allstars!

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