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Club 33

This year has had so many ups and downs already. On the upside my wee little family got invited to Disneyland. When you grow up in socal, as I did, you are more then likely no stranger to frequent trips to the old magic kingdom. Today is nothing like when I was a kid in the early 90's when tickets were a mere 40$ each. Now going to Disneyland is a privilege only for the few and well off. Not going to lie I wish I was a pass holder, but Im not even close to being there financially. My husband and I were talking about taking our son for his birthday, but we knew for all three of us to go meant saving stating now.

So a couple weeks ago (so late posting everything) The CEO of the company my husbands works for asked if we wanted park hopper day passes only good for one day. Um, yes of course! So the next day we were off to treat our son to his first Disneyland experience. His feeling were admittedly mixed, he loved seeing familiar characters from tv, Mickey, Goofy, Lighting McQueen. The rides he did not like so much. I figure in time he may or may not like theme park rides.

I on the other hand was treated to two clubs at the park you only hear rumors about. Two secret club only privy to those who can truly afford the 10,000$ annual price tag. The same club I heard tell that one Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) got kicked out of for causing a scene.

Club 33 at Disneyland and club 1901 at California Adventure have one hefty price tag for admittance lucky we poor folk got invited by one of the privileged few. I never thought that would happen and Im more then positive it wont ever happen again. So of course I soaked it all in.

Unfortunately I didnt get good pictures of club 1901, but it was a nice little bar and seating area with lots of Disney history all over the walls.

The entrance to club 33 is nestled between pirates and the haunted mansion. You are allowed to take pictures but are asked not to take pictures of the bathroom. Which once I entered the bathroom made since, it was high class fancy with swan shaped faucets and toilet paper holders. It was almost like being in a french chateau. Once inside the forer there is a spiral staircase and fairys greet you in some unlikely places. The lobby of the club there is an old harpsichord that belonged to Walt Disneys wife, it is beautiful. The walk into the club in threw their wine collection, once in the new portion of the club it has haunted art work when you pay close attention they change. Only one panting changed while we were there. As we were being shown the original club which was officially opened after Walt's deaths we stopped to photo shoot it up and had a crowed watching us outside of the window of the club. It was funny, we waved to each other and I took a picture of the crowd. I made my dress, I usually prefer all black but I do love my pastel and florals on black. The cardigan I got from amazon.

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