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Feroce Magazine Editorial

In a rare turn of events my handmade dresses and I got the unexpected surprise of getting published in one of the April volumes of Feroce magazine. I submitted with no expectation of actually having my submission excepted by any magazines I submitted too. But the next day I was shock to see that I had in fact been excepted for submission!

Keeping my excitement at bay it wasn't to long after the good news that I received the devastating news about my grandmother whom I have been caring for, for the past two years along side my cousin. My grandmothers life was ending and I have been coping with the loss for two weeks now. Although I'm sad to have had to let her go, I'm happy that she finely gets to be with her family, friends, husband and my mother, her eldest daughter

I received the magazine last week and I am more then sure my grandmother would be over the moon proud of me just like my mom would be (she passed on in 2016). It inst my best work by any means. The garments aren't couture or avant-garde. My celebrity fashion designer dreams wont come to fruition with this publication but its a nice feeling to be published again


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