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The Last Weekend of The RenFair

Last weekend was the last weekend of the Renaissance Pleasure Fair 2019. My little family attended and as always had a great time. The boy is getting older (almost 5) and is becoming easier if not still very frustrating to deal with. We managed. I love any excuse to make costumes so I made the kiddo a kinda at the last minute knight costume, he loved it! We picked him up a nice wooden shield to match. For my husband he wore a last minute costume for sure but it worked, he wore a pirate shirt and his jeans. I dressed as a maiden, I wore my mothers wedding dress from the 1970's and a costume over dress I got in high school. While at the fair we had the kid learn how to make his own book (which he has been doing all week) and pet the animals in the petting zoo.

I always pick up incense and crystals from the fair. My favorite time of year to grab a ridiculously priced been and get very dresses up and pretend its the 1500's.

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