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Voodoo Donuts at City Walk

I lived in Portland for about four years before moving back to SoCal. Some of the few things I miss (besides my family that lives there) is the food! The By and By is good for savory, they have the best brussel sprouts and veggie meatball sandwich. Sushi Land for the best by the plate convaier belt sushi. I can go on. When it comes to donuts Voodoo has it. My husband tried to propose to me there but he ended up proposing in our living room. Yet we did frequent Voodoo often, we knew the times to go when the line at either location wasn't out the door. Sandy location is usually reasonable.

I was socked and thrilled to find out there was a Voodoo in Socal. Its located at the Universal City Walk. Tucked by one of the parking garage entrances. Its super cute, big, lots of kitch, stain glass windows of the owner and donuts. If parking didn't cost and arm and a leg, i'd be there often. Alas it was pleasure to get to enjoy a grape ape donut before heading into Universal park.

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