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Bedroom Makeover: Display Case DIY

Summer is a season that always makes me think fun in the pool, vacations and BBQ. I do enjoy summer. I am planning my family's 4th of July party and my sons Lego themed birthday pool party. Blogs to go up thereafter. I'm excited to bring the chiffon dresses back into mix, and mini skirts, so lots of summer blogs will going up this break!

This summer break we are doing so many things besides party's, we seem to be constantly re-decorating. The husband and I are currently working on re-decorating our master bedroom. We have painted the walls, he will be painting a mural and adding a painted on headboard to the main wall. I will also have him put up a shelve that spans the wall. It will be a change from our usual aesthetic but I'm excited see how it will turn out!

One project I just finished is a display case that was once my grandmothers.

I remember this case as being filled with treasures. Now I get to make it my own and fill it with my own treasures. I was going to pain it black. But my husband suggested staining in a dark stain. So I sanded it and stained it.

I waited a day till it was dry and it turned out cute. I love working on these types of projects and hope to share more with you soon!

The room is n progress so please excuse the unfinishedness of the wall. What projects are you working on around the house this summer?

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