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I Threw a Tropical Themed Fourth Of July BBQ

I love throwing parties! I love making and buying decorations from the dollar stores. This year I invited the family over for a tropical take on a fourth of July bbq. I had water fun for the kids and kitch for a festive atmosphere. Most, actually all of my decor and kid water play ideas came from pintrest. I am a pintrest addict. If its fashion, make-up or hair inspiration to party ideas, printables and everything in between I go to pintrest first.

I enjoy making garland banners, I had bought a few tissue tassel garlands and added pinrtable fruit I got from pintrest. I had mini clips and used that to add to the tissue tassel garland. Together they made a seriously cute summer garland. I used the left over fruit to decorate the cabinets.

I made a mint lemon aid for the kids. I might have went a little over board at the dollar store but they had the cutest straws, cups and napkins. I usually don't go over board for summer, Halloween now that's my jam, but I have been feeling it and when it came together I was happy. However be warned the straws decoration bleeds color into drinks so be cautions with kids.

For the kids I set up a massive bucket filled full of water and squirt guns. I think this is how I won summer for my son. He has been obsessed with the water shooters and taking a dip in the bucket I might do this for his birthday! Pintrest you saved me again! I put some extra towels out into an extra cooler and used inflatables as decorations. I like this idea and will probably do it again!

My family and I have been working on our backyard for at least 3 years, its still a work in progress but it is starting to come together. We were excited to finally have people over to hang out back there with it looking exceptable. I saw some cute coasters at the dollar store, its not like we needed them but there were cute and matched our Adirondack chairs and pineapple candle.

I forgot to take a picture of our food set up but there was a lot of wieners. I'm a vegetarian but the rest of my family are carnivores. I will not eat meat, unless of course that meat is made of frosting, then I'll make the exception!

I didn't get a picture of my outfit that day, and the boys ended up soaking my dress with squirt guns so it was short worn anyways! Untill next time! What was your fourth of July party theme this year?

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