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One Shirt Two Different Ways:Summer Edition

Summer is finally here in socal. Its possibly the latest summer has started thanks to climate change. So I might find my self wearing the same clothes over and over. I dont go shopping for new clothes as you all know. I make what I want or need. Yet I have been so busy with school, when it comes to outfits I have to find new and different ways to mix up what I already have. When it comes to band t i tend to stay away from large store. I as a rule buy band shirts at a show that way I can support the band directly. I got this toys that kill shirt ages ago at a show in Portland in the earily 2009's. I modified it ages ago by cutting it into strips. Its one of my summer regulars. Its always a good idea to try new and inventive ways to dress up older wardrobe pieces. I like to wear this shirt one of two ways depending on how hot it is, or if the skeeters are out in full force.

First way to wear your favorite band t is with a nice mini/maxi skirt with a slit. I love this skirt I made my second quarter of school. Its refreshing in the warm weather with the sheer maxi ruffle, but it sultry with the slit. It also helps keep the mosquito from making my legs lunch. I might accessories this look with some oversize earnings and a black wedge heel.

The second way to wear a band t, is with a chiffon dress. This is my go to look for a cute fashion girl summer outfit that is also breezy. Perfect to be worn out to the pool or at a bbq. I accessorized this look with a corset belt I made forever circa 2010, and some brushed metal jewelry.

I hope this inspired some fun new ways to wear old band t! What your go to look this summer?

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