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I Threw My Son A Lego Birthday Party

My sons Birthday was a big one this year, 5 years old! I asked him for the last three months what he wanted to do for his special day. We asked if he wanted to go to Lego Land but he said he wanted a Lego party instead and insisted it every time I asked. So I said ok and began pinning to my b-day party board on pintrest several months ago.

He wanted to invite his class friends, so I planned a party for a few kids. Yeah it was a chill 3 kid party. But with all the activities I planned they all stayed entertained all most the whole 3 hours.

I made most of the decorations myself. All decoration and game play ideas were found on pintrest. I got the plates, table cloth, napkins, cups, goodie bags, goodies, and decoration materials at my local dollar stores. I was able to print out a lot of decorating material thanks to pintrest as well that helped level up our little party. I printed out triangles for banners, pages for coloring, a 11 by 17' lego man and faces. I saved boxes for a month to turn them into giant legos. I made small table center pieces. I got felt and rice to make bean bags for a home made lego cornhole game. My husband painted a lego man figure for the kids to take pictures with and added a rad lego chalk man drawing and message for the kid which he loved!

I made the cake from a tutorial I found on tasty from buzzfeed. It actually came out decent and tasted good! The little birthday boy loved his party and said he hire me again as party planner!

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