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BeatleJuice Inspired Outfit

Beatlejuice is easily one of my all time favorite, clique as it is, movies. I will watch it year round at any given time of day. I have been inspired since childhood by The Addams Family, Beatlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, and unfortunately all of Tim Burton's many movies. My life as a whole is darker and spookier then most.

I celebrated my 6 year wedding anniversary with my Hubby this last Friday the 13th. To celebrate I made reservations at BeatleHouse In Hollywood. It was everything was amazing from the bookshelf entrance to the performance after dinner. I wanted to dress up ( of course) so I made a dress special for the occasion.

Inspired by the ghoul himself, I made a purple sequence dress with spiderweb lace trim. The straps are twisted princess elastic.

I wore my hair large for the aesthetic of the outfit, and did batty winged eyeliner. I had fun with it! What movies inspire your October wardrobe?

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