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5 Quick and Easy Haunted House Decorations.

This Halloween I have been planning parties and decorating like crazy. The house exploded Halloween and everyone is pleasantly surprised and pleased with the outcome.

I am also proud of myself for coming up with easy and cheap decorating hacks I came up with. I am planning to turn our house into a witches and skeleton house complete with a fortune telling scene in our sunroom. With some random stuff I pulled together I have created some easy decorations that might inspire you! Here are my top 5 favorites this year!

5. Psychic Reading illuminated sign

For our fortune telling scene set up, I decided to create a cute sign for aesthetic. Its not great but it works. I placed dollar store lights around it to illuminate it.

4. Floating witch hats

I did this last year and my family loved it so much they asked me to do it again. Its super easy and very whimsical. Hats bought at dollar store.

3. Disembodied "Thing" hand

I have a mannequin named Alisen who is always a witch every year for Halloween. I have her hands but her arms were left in storage. I decided to use her hands to make "thing" scenes around the house. I set them up so it appears that they are trying to assist with some task. Since I like to darken the house for our Halloween party I decided to use a battery candle to back light the hand for emphasis.

2. Bubbling glowing cauldron

I was watching Jade the Libra on Youtube, it was her "Decorate with me for Halloween 2019" episode. She was showing her dining room set up, (Gorgeous!) she had green spider web used as decoration for her dinning set. It was creepy classy. I got some green spider web and had planned to do something similar not the same but inspired by. I'm glad I got to bags of that! I had two cauldrons unsure what to do, it donned on me to put orange dollar store lights inside and make the green spider web look bubbling witches brew. I actually havent seen this one on pintrest yet!

1. Witch stuck in chimney

This one I have seen on pintrest and had to try! Not great but cute and fun when lights are added!

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