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My "Shelter in Place" Routine

Staying at home for weeks on end without being able to even go to the park for a hike is for the most part agonizing. I tend to get cabin fever when left inside for too long. Yet these days we have to adapt and accept our new reality.

Since the start of the year I have tried to establish self improvement habits. Some I am admittedly still struggling to work on (I am a bit of an overly opinionated and judgmental blabber mouth) mainly shutting up. The other habits are more attainable and I have seamlessly added them to my weekly scheduled routine.

I thought I might share my daily "shelter in place" routine. I'm not the only one balancing, homeschooling, house work, self-care, family life and personal projects during this time. I find reading about others daily routines during social distancing comforting, reassuring and sometimes helpful in organizing how to deal with my new found routine. So I thought Id share my new routine.

Wake up: 7:20

If I'm lucky enough to wake up before my son I will usually make my bed and head to the shower while my husband wakes up and gets my son set up with breakfast and cartoons. I will dress in yoga pants and t'shirt for the morning. I might put on some make up depending on how I feel. My husband and I have also been making a habit of doing crunches together before he starts work and I start homeschooling.

Homeschooling: 8:20

I usually start later then when my son would actually go to school only because it takes a minute to get set up. I need my coffee before I can do anything. I have several workbooks that I have been collecting and having my son work in since he could hold a crayon. My mother when she was alive and for most of my childhood and adult life was an elementary school teacher. Lucky for me she left behind a wealth of teaching supplies, resources, teaching aids and worksheets for every grade! My son is only 5 but he is already working in 1st and 2nd grade workbooks. I do have him working in about 9 different workbooks and worksheet packets that his school has provided and that I have had been collecting. They rang from kindergarten workbooks to 2nd grade. From 8:20 till about 10 he works in all 9 workbooks one page per book a day. The books during this time are typically based on reading, writing, reading comprehension and a mix of some math. When we get a new Highlights magazine in the mail I'll add it to the mix as a fun break from the more rigorous "course" work.

Recces 10 am-11:20

At this time I let him play and I will typically tend to my garden, my son may or may not join me. If he does we water the plants and talk about gardening and the how much better it is for the family and the planet to grow our own food. Especially in these time, frankly I'm weary of going to grocery store since I keep seeing reports of assholes coughing and sneezing on produce to incite panic. No thank you, I grow my own food! At 10:30 I do yoga, my son usually joins me even if he simply sits next to me while I doing yoga and reads. He will usually join in a pose or two and at 5 I consider that a win! At 11:20 we do math workbooks provided by the school and some social studies and science worksheets that I found on pintrest.

Lunch! 12pm

At this time my husband will usually go on his lunch from work. We will eat as a family then go on a walk or bike ride. Staying physically active during this time is so important it is to easy to fall into bad habits when the government mandates us to stay home. When we get back from our bike ride I will usually put on a nice dress, I may be at home but waking up is an excuse alone for me to dress up!


When we come back for lunch I will either finish the days lesson with a science and art project and put on some educational t.v. Usually PBS app. Despite what you may think the kid is learning a lot from Nature Cat. I'm no teacher, I may be in college myself but I'm going to school for fashion. Which at this time seems a bit irelevent. I am doing the best I can to help educate my child. If he comes out this of this able to write neatly, spell a few more words correctly, read at a 1st grade level and do math with more then on variable and with double digits I will consider this a win! If not at least I have even more respect for the teaching profession! I hope all parent will have at the end of this.

Schools Out: 2:20

At this time I let the kid have free play time. I will generally turn the t.v off at this time. I do my house work, cleaning, laundry, and so on. I work on my own projects while trying to occupy my child. My husband and I will get him fun workbooks too, he is fond of Mario right now so he has a few Mario activity books to occupy him.

Dads "Home" 5:00

Even though my husband works from home he still has office hours 8 to 5. At 5 he is done with work and joins us. He will usually help me prepare dinner, I will always try to get my son to help too but you know 5 years old. I pick my battles wisely and since my child takes after me and has sensitive emotions is wise not to force him to much but rather let it be something he want to do. Which usually he does like helping in general in the kitchen. Getting him to eat is sometimes a different subject. We eat vegitiarian.

Bedtime Routine 7pm

At this time we begin getting ready for bed. Thedoes his nightly cleanliness routine, jammies, brushes and flosses his teeth. My husband will usually read him a book and put him to bed. While he is doing that I do my own bedtime routine. I wash my face, use anti-wrinkle cream, brush and floss the teeth and get in my jammies. I will read a book before bed.

Then I get to wake up and do it all over again. In April I start online college classes so my "shelter in place" routine will change and once it does and I get in the swing of things Ill make a new post for those those who may be in a similar situation.

Thank you for reading my routine rant! I hope if anything it help you to pass some time. Stay safe, stay at home, we are all in this togther!

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