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Botanically Inspired Dresses For Spring

It almost feels like in a small way we fashionistas have been robbed of spring fashion frivolity. I tried to create a few botanically inspired dresses that embodied when spring was full of tea parties and brunches with others outside the house. I am fortunate to live by some beautiful flowers perfect for a impromptu photo-shoot for when boardom and creativity hit. I will blog the three outfits in separate posts.

I made the dresses in this series last month before all this started, we were supposed to go to Vegas but then a pandemic hit and plans changed abruptly. I still love these dresses. I feel like finally paying to get my degree is starting to pay off in my garment construction. You can be the judge if you feel my design aesthetic has improved. I love these outfits though! I paired these dresses with a pair of Coach lace up sandals.

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