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The Book List: April Edition

It doesn't really feel like April in SoCal. Its been gloomy. I have been trying to read more books during this time. I'm a bit of a slower reader but I'm trying. I'm still working my way threw the march book list. Not to say I'm not gearing up for when the last two books are done!

For April the book theme is rooted in witchyness. Collecting books on the trade keeps me informed on what I'm doing. I do love learning! I hope this lists inspires your reading for April!

5. The Good Witches Guide: This book has great wisdom for self care spells and rituals with inspiring apothecary recipes for healing. Available at target!

4. Llewllyn's 2020 Witches Companion: I got this one last December. It has some practical urban living solution for your practice to consider with advice and insights from those who are practicing in urban areas.

3. A Secret History of Witches: This one is a noval I found at Target. I do love a good read about witches. I am considering rereading the Harry Potter series. I'll start with this one first.

2. Crystals: I love this book. Its so informative on crystals which is great because I know nothing about crystals but this book has been a fabulous source!

1. Tea & Tasseomancy: I don't own this one but I want to. I have been very interested in the study of tea leaf reading. I want to get this book and the tea readings cups from killlStar. Soon my prettys!

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