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Spring Fashion Trends I'm Feeling

Spring fashion for me is usually flowy chiffon dresses, waist belts and sandals. And it will remain that way but there have been some fashion trends that have been popping up during lock down this spring that I could get down on. Although most maybe home body clothes, I am also thinking about my wish list of trends I am lusting for after we are able to leave our houses again.

Lounge wear: I may not be working from home but I am going to college from home while simultaneously homeschooling for now so I feel this trend makes scene. I love this look. Its like wearing a sweater outfit. I whipped this "lounge wear" outfit up last January. Its cozy velvet.

House clothes: I realize that lounge wear and house clothes could arguably be the same but they are very different. Lounge wear is like wearing a sweater outfit on top of your bikini while on vacation somewhere tropical or desert like. House clothes are chic and made for wearing inside the home. Popularized in the 50's. It mostly consisted of a house dress in witch to do chores and a house coat that you only wear inside. Lucy from I love Lucy always wore a house coat!

Wicker basket purses and totes: This one is on my Coach wish list. I love this idea of a purse and Coach bags have the style I'm thirsting for.

House Shoes: Not slippers, house shoes. Shoes with slightly thicker sols then slippers, but can still be very lux or very slipper like. I have been living inside my Parisian house shoes. They are worn all to hell. I am adding either the fenty plush slides to my wish list or the Coach plush slides.

Pastel Pink and Purple: I have never heard of Elsa Hosk (shes a model) until now but she seems to be breaking the blogospher with her pastel colored wardrobe. I would have to agree with what the fashion commentators at Who What Wear have to say and yes. Yes, I'm all about it. I like to pair my pastel with black.

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