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Spring Fairy Garden

Minatures are a delighful past time. Steming from childhood mintuatures have intreged me. A few years back my grandmother gave me the dollhouse she built for me as a child. I completely re-decorated the inside and extorier and created a gothic, fairy, witch house. Its in storage, were it will remain untill further notice. The fairy house I build however is back on display. Its much smaller, basically a one and a half room house.

While being at home for so long I decide to make a fairy garden. Fairy gardens are whimsical and relaxing to create. I have been sitting on the idea for so long then the pandemic hit. No better time then the present.

There was a large planter that was cracked on one side, I turned it into a fairy pot. I loved how it turned it out. I have been collecting minutres for a fairy garden for a while, and finailly got play them! I made a fairy house out of a coffee can, card stock paper, tin foil and fake flowers. I had a basil plant that need to be re-potted so I thought what a perfect place but in a fairy pot.

This mothers day my husband and son got me beautiful flowers to expand the fairy garden. I have been working on it whenever a few ninutes open up. It all started with the fairy pot!

The garden is in a little planter box. It has a rock path with a bridge over a rock river. There is a fairy park, I hand made the minutaure swing, bench, bridge and sheet on the clothes line. I got the rest of the figurines, the rocks and the solar lights from the dollar stores.

This is a whimscal addition to our garden. My son and I check the fairy garden every morning, it has become apart of our routine. The fairy garden has come a long way and will probably continue to expand. What whimsical elemts are you addding to your gardent this spring!

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