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Summer Fashion Trends I'm Loving

Who else is ready for summer? I'm dreaming of summer aesthetic and summer fashion to create and wear. It does help that the weather in socal is already pretty warm. Here is a list of the fashion trends that got me this season!

Slip Dresses

I know put this one on my loving it list for May but this is one of my favorite trends right now.

Big Bows

No matter the season I love big bows. Big bows on a slip dresses, big bows on blouses and pants!

Leopard Print

I go back and forth with my love for the leopard print but this summer Im feeling it again. There are some cute leopard print maxi skirts out there and I'm considering when fabric stores re-open to get some nice leopard silk or chiffon and crafting a nice leopard maxi skirt. Till then I can rock this Leopard dress I created a while back for the Creepy Gals Exzibit in LA. Delish!

Biker Shorts

I have been seeing the biker short with blazer tredning on blogs like WhoWHatWear and ManRepeller. I like it but not sure I can pull if off. Not to say I may not try it but put my own spin on it of course.

Floral Hoop Earrings

These earlings bring the spring vibes but like a springing into summer kinda vibe. Paired perefectly with a chiffon dress and its all the vaca feels.

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