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Things Im Loving This June: The List

The June gloom has been hanging around but that doesnt stop me from finding a few things to brighten my day. Once a month I've been sharing my current loves and even though with homeschooling, online college coureses and homework this monthes list includes studie aids, affordable and effecttive beauty products and more!

Unicorn Post-Its

These things are adorable and serioly help me organize the pages in my text books and helps me to keep tabs on what pages you son is doing in his many workbooks.

Kitchy Rhinestone Hair Clips

I use to love hair clips, but as of lately I feel they bring my style down just a bit compaired to when I was a younger scene/goth queen. Dont get me wrong I still love stuff like that but elevate it and make it fashion! These were found on amazon.

Elf Lash and Brow Wand

I have some bushy brows and since not being able to get them waxed I tried to pluck them and eneded up over plucking and now I need outside help but this clear gel set from Elf for lash and brows has helped me to cover up my mistake. I also Like the brow pencil from elf with the brush wand.

Maxi Skirts

This summer Im really wanting to make more sheer maxi skirts! Im loving the look of a comfy t'shirt and fashionable maxi skirt.

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