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Top 6 Summer Fashion Magazines Worth Reading

Last month I didnt not post a book list. With school and homeschooling who has time for a leasure read anyways. I can however find time for an amazing fashion magazine persuse. As a self proclaimed fashionista I read the usual fashion rags, Vogue ( the bible), Dazed and Confused Fashion and Cosmo from time to time. Being a fashion designer and being fashion obessed I make a habit of staying on top of popular indie and creative fashion periodicals. I compiled a list of the magazines I'll be looking forward to this summer!

Horrid Magazine

This zine is based in colorado and is a perfect little curated dark fashion fantasy and fashionably nightmareish insperation in a pocket book! I would like these issues just to keep in my purse for when I have time to kill time and need a little pick me up.

Philocaly magazine

A curious fashion and beauty magazine worth investigating.

Fused Magazine

A streetwear inspired magazine with vibrant editorials.

Feroce Magazine

I love this magazine, the layout the editorials it captures the artistic side of fashion.

Volant Magazine

Edgy, relevent and stricking.

Malvie Magazine:

Based in Fance and showcased emergeing talent from around the world. Engeretic layouts and captivating editorails this one is great read for fantastic fashion insperation.

What indie fashion magazines are you reading this summer?

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