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One Day Three Outfits

Before all this pandemic stuff really took hold, my husband and I had planned a weekend in Vegas. That didnt happen because the Wensday before we left a pandemic was declaired and most of Vegas began to shut down. We decided to change our plans. Its been four months of staying home, working from home and a lot of not leaving home. So when the casinos opened in Cali, our son was givin to his grandpas for summer vacation and my husband and I took an day to spend at the casio Marongo. The casino was full, honestly it was uncomfortable to be around so many people in such close quaters and everyone was violating socail distencing, but everyone was wearing a mask.

Although honestly nerve racking till I downed a beer or two, it was a nice excuse to wear three different outfits in one day. We went to the outlet mall and I snagged some sweet Coach swag. It was really nice to be able to leave the house, in our little town, even if for only an evening!

My first outfit was my shopping outfit. I made the skirt the night before we left. The fabric stores have opened and I was lucky enough to score this amazing leapord chiffon to make this trendy maxi skirt. The t'shirt is HorrorPops from their last concert before the lockdown. I paired this look with my white coach bag I got the second week of quaritine for my b-day.

I had been wanting a new wallet for awhile now. I have been lusting after the floral print coach wallets. Im a coach addict and I blame my Aunty.

My second outfit was my gambling outfit. I made this outfit two days before we left. I wasnt sure about it, it feels very "I Dream of Genei", even though I loved that show its not halloween or I would go off. It was a cute outfit. I did pair the look with my Karl Lagerfield bag and coach sandels. I also made a few new masks to wear while out.

By the time it was six I was done, the casino floor had to way to many people to feel comfortable. I did take a little nap. I woke just to take a picture of the last look. Which is a very sleepy me in my last gown. Have you gotten a chance to leave your house for a weekend since lockdown restrictions were lifted?

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