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Fourth Of July Pool Side

Summer is here, the sky is blue and the weather is warm. Spending the fourth of July in a relaxing and entertaining environment is what all of us are after this holiday. A backyard cooked meal and some fireworks in the evening and its almost like we aren't currently living in a mash of pandemic, protests, climate crisis the world over. For a brief moment we can pause and hopefully safely and from a distance, collectively, relaxed, and enjoy today for what it means to all of us together and individually.

My little family has drastically changed our life patterns to navigate an ever changing world. We have allowed ourselves the fourth to visit with my dads at their pool for a social distancing 4th of July bbq.

While making the wardrobe for the day, I was thinking about what I wanted to make to wear to Vegas the following weekend (hoping nothing starts closing again). I love to wear chiffon in the spring and summer, it flowyness is refreshing in the heat. I have been coming around to making and wearing brighter colors and I have been very inspired by Libertines 2019 collection featuring a plate print. I found a print that is by no means the same as the Libertine print but the homage is there.

I was fortunate to be let to buy the coach basket bag from my spring wish list! I had to make a dress to wear with it and what a perfect day to wear it together then on a sunny July day.

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