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Pool Side Essentials

With many beaches, bars and pretty much where people can gather has been closed for obvious reasons. Their are a few of us fortunate enough to have or know someone in our personal bubble, with their own pool, whom we can social distantly, hang pool side with. This does pose some concerns but I think I have compiled a list of the best pool side essentials that are fashionable, cool, fun and protective.

Floppy Summer Hat with Plastic Face Shield

I have seen the face shield viziers and different interpretations. I came up with this interpretation as fashionable and functional.

The Sensitization Station Kit

Who doesn't have one of these kits in their purse at this point, am I right? Little bottle of hand-sanitizer, travel sized disinfectant wipes, gloves, extra face mask, travel tissues and a non contact tool.

Pool Side Reading

A good indie fashion magazine or a nice thick novel. What relaxing pool hang isn't complete with a little reading while sun bathing.

Whimsical Pool Inflatable

No pool hang is complete with out the fun pool floaty. With each persons on their own whimsical floaty, keeping six feet apart in the water will be much ea easier!

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