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Vegas Vacation: Pandemic Edition

In 2017 it felt like I went to Vegas every other month. We actually only went 3 times. Each time was equally as exciting as the last. A few months ago I was being optimistic when asked if I would consider trying to go again. I said yes and as everything began to open I became ever hesitant to want to venture to far back into old normal. I decided I would suck it up for my husband, he deserved to have a vacation and things have been so tense and stressful. It seemed ok to go as long as Vegas was open, people were wearing masks and the hotel we stayed at was taking every precaution. We also took every precaution. It was kinda scary to think about what was happening while there, but I tried to make the best of it.

The flight was fairly smooth, everyone wore mask, except for that random few. On the plane it was mandatory to wear a mask and to keep the middle seat free unless you were with someone. My husband and I left the middle seat open. I made a floppy hat with a face shield for the fourth of July and I figured this was the perfect opportunity to use it again. I'm wearing my Fine Apple Couture t'shirt with chordirory leggings with matching face mask, that I made and which I switch out of and into a biker shorts version I also made, once we got to Vegas because it was over 100 degrees there. Once at the hotel I changed again into a flowy chiffon tropical print tank I made the night before we left.

The first night in Vegas we took a stroll to the Balligio where a Japaneses display was up and featuring Hello Kitty herself. I made all my dresses for the weekend. The blue dress I made last month and the black dress with the chains I made last year. I forget to make the blue dress a matching mask but the cord mask matched my shoes and bag so it was ok! I did have a black mask to match the black dress.

By the last day I was ready go! I wore my yoga pants I made last year and my no fast fashion shirt by TheEggman. It was a weird trip, all this covid stuff has me edge. I decide to make this post to highlight the risks we take when we want so badly to get back to "a normal". We took a risk and though precautions were taken, now we only to have to wait and see if the precautions and the risk was worth it.

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