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Things I'm Loving This August: The List

Here we are now in August. I find it hard to believe we are already here, school has already begun for me and about to begin for the kid. We have still been playing it safe and staying home most the times. I find things every month that are making happy are helping me get through this tumultuous year. Here is this months list of things I'm loving! What are you loving this month?


Gardening has been one of those things I always wanted to do but was never able to due to circumstances. Before lock-down started in March, my little family and I have been cultivating a small backyard garden. Since March our garden has grown. We have had a lot of luck growing tomatoes, potatoes, yellow squash, zucchini and pumpkins. Other veggies we haven't had as much luck with like onions, green onions, beets or broccoli. We just keep trying, I read on Lauren Conrad's blog that keeping a calendar can help mange harvest and growing maintenance. I will be starting a gardening journal in the hopes of having better luck cultivating a managing our garden and harvest. Cooking with fresh veggies has become the best part of my day and our meals. The garden is also helping to expand my 6 year old picky eaters eating habits. Win Win!

Killstar Zodiac Cup & Saucer:

I have been eyeing this tea-cup and saucer for a year now and finally jumped on the killstar site to get mine! I was a little disappointed at the packaging that the cup and saucer came in compared to the caliber of their other packaging. There was one spot on the base of the cup that wasn't completely covered in black paint. Overall I love this tea cup and saucer set!

Elf Pourless Putty Primer

Scrolling through my news feed, I saw a story about the elf pourless putty primer and how it is blowing up on tik-tok. I uninstalled tik-tok at the beginning of the year so trend now elude me. I like elf products so I figure why not give it a shot. I have been using it ever since i got it last week!

Balmain Army

Being in my final year at fashion college I am studying brands in dept now and lately my focus has fallen onto Balmain and the brands current creative director Oliver Rousteing. I cant yet afford Balmain's fashion but that hasn't stopped me for admiring those who can who are refered to as the Balmain Army. Balmain is an iconic french fashion House, who's aesthetic is highly attractive, high ornate detail and expertly crafted fashions. I love all things french anyways so it comes as no surprise I would have gravitated towards the gilts of Balmain. The amount of detail in the garments and the work that is put into making those garment is to be admired. I strive to create garments with such detail and attractiveness.

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