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My Self Care Compilation #1

The world is crazy! My world is crazy! There are times when I have a hard time processing everything crazy thing that is happening right now. Add my depression and well self care becomes a necessity for well being. Achieving a regular and positive self care routine is pivotal to me and possibly others. I thought I would share some of the few things I have set in place to encourage self care ideas, mantras and habits.

Subscriptions to Health Provider Blogs

This one sounds weird but seriously opening my email everyday and seeing 10 ways to journal your way to better habits creates a seed that has inspired daily journaling and notebook keeping for goals, emotions and creativity! Here are the some providers I follow who inspire positive self care habits and offer advice and strategies for managing stress, career goals, and other issues.

Positive Motivation Pintrest Board

For those who have been reading this blog for a minute will know by now how much I love and frequently use and praise Pintrest. Here is yet another reason to love the platform. Creating a positive motivate affirmation board on Printrest has helped me while on zoom for school. I have pretty bad social anxiety in general, but one day in a zoom class I had to present a project I wasn't confident about, I pulled up my PMPB and man I was able to focus on positive inner dialogue even though I wasn't feeling confident in the project. It may seem simple and maybe even stupid but it can be an impactful way to start incorporating more positive self dialogue when in stressful social situations.

The news seems to be crazy everyday, my newly turned 6 year old is insisting on battling me and my husband everyday, and each day I have to find little ways not to let current events, constant depression and anxiety affect me. There will be times I'm feeling fine then a song come on pandora and I'm crying because it hits a nerve. Thanks to whatever algorithm that put different jazz stations in my youtube feed. Being able to make a nice cup of coffee, put on morning jazz and smoke a joint before starting the day can defiantly put me in a better head space to attack the day no matter what it brings. I will actually listen to these stations when my anxiety is very high and it helps me to focus my breathing and calm down.

There you have it. Its not much but adding these little things can make a difference in a day. It will not replace seeking real help from a professional, but it is a step in a better direction to effecting positive change in thinking. What self care tricks do you have that spark positive self care habits? I will add the best ones to my next self care compolation!

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