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Fall Fashion Trends Im Calling Now

I love breezy summer fashion as much as I love cozy fall and winter fashion. Even though fall and winter in Socal are about the same. There are some fall and winter trends I am already antsy to wear or fabrics to make awesome outfits out of. I'm calling these trends for fall and winter as my top picks!

Sweater with a cocktail dress

I am excited to try this one. I love to wear sweaters over slinky dresses like Rachel from friends style. But I could switch it up for the colder weather. The brand CO|TE has inspired this trendy look for fall parties.

Sweater Dresses

I really like being worm in the fall and winter. Sweater dresses are awesome for warmth and fashion during the transitional cold. I have to jump on this trend and create my own version.

Witchy Fall Vibes

Witchy vibes everyday but especially in the fall this style trend will never go out of style for me! This season I'm feeling the vibes from these fabrics and will hopefully make a some awesome fall garments with them.

Knit Shorts with Lace Over Dress

For most part of the US during the fall and winter seasons its cold, in Cali it can still be in the 60 to 70 degrees. I love being warm and comfortable, and biker style short and lounge wear have become staples of my wordrobe now. I love this outfit idea by Dolce and Gobona.

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