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A Week of Summer Witchy Vibes Oufits

It may be August but I have Halloween on the brain. I have been on pintrest lately just scrolling the 2020 trends and aesthetic vibe posters. It maybe why I have been wearing some of my favorite witchy outfits this week. Most of these garments that I have made are inspired by KillStar fashions along with other goth brands that inspire me. I figured why not create a monthly post with a weekly round up of my ootd's. Since I've been inspired by halloween so much lately, feeling those witchy fall vibes already, Ill just summer them up for this week , hope and plan for the colder weather!


I made this dress before I started going to fashion school. It is inspired by the killStar pentagram dress. It has been worn and loved a lot in the last 5 years!

I love this outfit, it is a nod to Lydia Deets. I got this hat at the 99 cent store and added some lace trim to the top, the three moon earrings were made by me also about 5 years go, the choker is my besties, she left it here and she knows I'll give back when she comes to visit, till then I'll rock it for her!


I got to leave the house today! but it was very hot! I had to put the mop up! I tend to get cold when in air conditioning though so to be safe I wore my knit tank dress I made last December. Sewn patch is from amazon.


Today was a zoom school day for me. I put myself together and didn't even open my camera! I do love the look today though. I made this dress for a class last year for a class project. Its been so hot here in socal, so I've been wearing the hair in up-dos to stay cool. I have pretty much been obsessed with rhinestone hair pins lately, I definitely need some black rhinestoned hair pins.


The kid officially started distance learning today. It was fairly painless!

I decided to wear one of my favorite re-wear styles, the sheer maxi skirt. I love this outfit style and have rocking it all summer. Am I a trend whore, not really, but I do love a solid style formula. I am also rocking one of my oldest band tanks. I seriously only have three tank tops that i didn't make myself and I've had them since high school or right outta high school. That's 17 years, wow! Any ways, I love this look!


What a lazy yet busy day. Being Friday I decided to wear one for my favorite dresses. I paired it with earrings that were my moms.

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