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Unconventional Beauty Hacks

I was perusing blogs the other day when a post by Nylon mag caught my eye. It was like a scene out of The Secret Garden, you know the one were the boy was being place inside the ice bath, that one, but replace that boy with the pop queen Lady GaGa. I like this idea, yes it is unconventional and frankly expensive and why to cold for me. In commemoration of her unconventional beauty trend I though it might be fun to post some of the few unconventional beauty hacks I have cultivated over the years.

Lip Brushing

This idea was brought to my attention thanks to Vogue and model Josephine Skriver. She does this to prepare for Victoria secret runway shows to help aid in lip plumping. It also helps to scrub off dead lip skin and makes them feel softer.

What You Do to You'r Face Do to Your Neck and Hands

When I was younger a family friend gave me this beauty advice, "Whatever you do to take care of your face, do it to your neck to!" I have stood by this especially as I get older. As I have started to notice laugh lines, crow feet, brow line, neck lines and now sagging hand skin! I'm only 34! I have added to that advice giving to so long ago and say what ever winkle prevention you use on you face and neck do it to your hands. It may be unconventional but as you get older If your face or neck don't give away your age, your hands will.

Use Cold Water to Wash your face, and A Shot of Cold Water on The Body After A Shower

I discovered this seven years ago in the months as I was preparing to get married. The months leading up to the big day, I took to an extensive beauty routine, that I have sense taken back up, that involved cold shots before and after a shower to help tighten my skin. Wash the face using cold water, and at the end of the shower a shot of cold water over the body. Did it work, I'm not sure but it felt good and people noticed my skin looked brighter.

Its not an extensive list, most of my beauty routine is comprised of common beauty habits. Daily and nightly wrinkle creams, twice a week clay face mask, daily acne face wash, and of course a whole hell of a lot of make-up! I hope you enjoyed this albeit short list of uncommon beauty hacks. What are your unconventional beauty habits?

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