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Fashion Trends For Transitioning into Fall that I'm Loving

This last weekend may have been scorching but it seems we may be headed for cooler weather soon. Hopefully as these fire come to an end. As we slowly begin to transition into fall, I have been seeing trends that I can and have totally gotten on board with and love.

Here is a short list of some of the trends I'm rocking as we make our way into fall.

Velvet Leggings

Obsessed! I made a pair of velvet leggings at the beginning of summer and I made some in black for the transition back to cooler weather! I made the velvet burn out biker shorts this last week end, also obsessed!

Open back Tops

I have always been a fan of an open back garment, especially during the summer. I have the habit of cutting up the backs of some of my band t'shirts, this is my favorite interpretation of this tend.

Crop Sweaters

I have always been a big fan of crop tops, and crop sweaters are no exception. They are cute, and can be layered. I'm working on a little side project and this is leopard print, hooded, crop sweater is one of the samples. Excited to cozy up in this one! Not sure about the patch thou...

Sun Dresses with leggings

When it starts to become a a mix of warm and cold through out the day it nice to have my legs covered but a nice sun dress layered on top. I use to love this trend in the early 2000's, but fashion girls wore their sun dresses with jeans. I like the updated version with leggings instead of jeans.

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