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Gold, Pearl and Lace Anniversary Outfit

My husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on Saturday the 12th with a less then normal outing on Melrose. It was a bit shocking to see so many business closed and bordered up in Hollywood and on Melrose and about half the usually people out and about.

We decided to see if there where any gastropubs we might be able to eat at to have a celebratory dinner and drink, anything really interesting was closed. We ended up at The Village Idiot which had out door dining. The veggie pie was amazing!

I wore a dress I made in 2017 for a Vegas trip. I paired it my Karl Lagerfeild purse, thrifted Express sheer mesh crop jacket, a lace choker, pearl hair pins, gold glitter and spiked heelless heels from Santee Ally, and my grandmother's gold and pearl necklace.

The evening was nice. While we ate, a group of creatives were creating a music video across the street from us, it was like dinner and a show. After dinner we took a walk down Melrose, it was a bummer to see so many more shops closed then before the pandemic. After we walked around we drove further down Melrose over to Maxfield and got some geloteo.

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